TV PRIEST – ” My Other People “

Posted: July 23, 2022 in MUSIC

Without a brutal evaluation of their own becoming, TV Priest might have never made their second album. Heralded as the next big thing in post-punk, they were established as a bolshy, sharp-witted outfit, the kind that starts movements with their political ire. There was of course truth in that, but it was a suit that quickly felt heavy on its wearer’s shoulders, leaving little room for true vulnerability.

“A lot of it did feel like I was being really careful and a bit at arm’s length,” says vocalist Charlie Drinkwater. “If I’m honest, I think maybe I was not fully aware of the role I was taking, how I would be perceived. I had to take a step back and realise that what we were presenting was quite far away from the opinion of myself that I had. Some of the ways people would interpret the music and my performance isn’t really me, and I didn’t know why I was trying to wear that coat of the meat-and-two-veg rock guy. Now, I just want to be honest.”

Having made music together since their teenage years, the London four-piece piqued press attention in late 2019 with their first gig as a newly solidified group, Debut single “House of York” followed with a blistering critique of monarchist patriotism, and they were signed to Sub Pop Records for their debut album. 

TV Priest will release “My Other People”, the group’s follow-up to “Uppers“, their acclaimed debut, worldwide on June 17th, 2022 from Sub Pop Records. The album features the highlights “One Easy Thing” and new single, “Bury Me In My Shoes,” which you can hear now. “My Other People” was produced by band member/multi-instrumentalist Nic Bueth at Studio East in London.

Frontman Charlie Drinkwater says of the album,  “My Other People” is a more “open” set of songs, both musically and in our themes; in the process of writing we found ourselves talking about things other than anger or aggression. We wanted to discuss love, loss, and joy too. It’s a record about personal disintegration and destruction but also rebuilding again after this. It’s also heavily rooted in place, the music being a very direct response to Britain and England in 2021, but in a more abstract and textural sense. A muddy field viewed from a train window between cities, a patch of wildflowers growing next to a motorway, sticky carpets in a suburban flat roof pub, pissing rain on an August bank holiday, and the smell of diesel in an out of town supermarket car park. An angry, hopeful, shitty, beautiful island.”

As for  “My Other People” new single, he adds, “‘Bury Me In My Shoes’ is a hangover of a song. Last year was about reminding ourselves to hang on to good things; to remember you can love and hate in equal measure. That the answers are rarely found by looking backwards. “Bury Me” was written as a response to that general feeling of unease and creeping dread. A feeling you get from bad news on no breakfast.”

My Other People” is now available to pre-order from Sub Pop. The band — Drinkwater, guitarist Alex Sprogis, producer, bass and keys player Nic Bueth and drummer Ed Kelland

Releases June 17th, 2022 through Sub Pop Records

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