GUM – ” Delorean Highway ” and ” Glamorous Damage ” Reissues

Posted: July 21, 2022 in MUSIC

Gum has released reissues of his first two studio albums “Delorean Highway” and “Glamorous Damage”, newly remastered by Kevin Parker. The digital version of “Delorean Highway” includes a bonus demo cover of Ron Davies’ “It Ain’t Easy“, and new album artwork – a plasticine remake by animator, videographer and photographer Alex McLaren of the original by Jason Galea. “Glamorous Damage” features a never-before-released demo of “The Plot” on the digital adaption.

“Ancients”, taken from the remastered / repressed album “Glamorous Damage” out on 8th July.

Stoked to announce that my first two records as GUM from 2014/15 are now remastered, repressed on 180gram vinyl and available for pre-order on Spinning Top Music!

“Delorean Highway” features a plasticine remake of the original artwork of Jason Galea by Alex McLaren Long out of print, Jay Watson’s second album as Gum ‘Glamorous Damage’ has been lovingly remastered by Kevin Parker – “Glamorous Damage” comes on gold vinyl and DH on silver.

These records are a snapshot of a particular time in my life for me – while parts of them make me uncomfortable and embarrassed, other parts I’m really proud of, and I’m glad that people can get them again easily if they want.

Both titles are available on 180g metallic vinyl,

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