SINGLE MOTHERS – ” Enough For You “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

Here’s the second taste of Single Mothers’ upcoming album “Everything You Need”. It finds them exploring a slightly calmer, more mid-tempo side, but frontman Drew Thomson still sounds as sneering as ever. A former gold prospector in a town called Swastika, Ontario, the 32-year-old Thomson—dark haired and doe-eyed, sometimes with a scraggly beard and sometimes without a front tooth—comes off like the most miserable person at the party in his lyrics.

Single Mothers’ earliest batch of songs, those which comprised their debut EP, were snotty, abrasive, and at times downright mean. Thomson shit-talked everyone around him for their choice of favourite drink, band, and author. He derided the girls who are “into Elliott Smith and getting to know everybody,” sung with the inflection of an eyeroll and the jackoff hand motion. With his rambling, sing-speak style of storytelling and venting, he carried himself like The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, but with all traces of Midwestern charm lit ablaze.

New album ‘Everything You Need’ out October 28.

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