FLASHER – ” Love Is Yours “

Posted: July 19, 2022 in MUSIC

So it hasn’t got the same fire that powered Flasher’s near-flawless run of 2016’s self-titled EP and 2018’s “Constant Image”So what? Intuition is often more a subtly powerful tool than any in-your-face call-to-action, and the D.C. band’s sophomore release “Love is Yours” is, in its own understated way, a remarkable testament to the wisdom of keeping your own counsel. As guitarist Taylor Mulitz and drummer Emma Baker sing together on the record’s opening track “I Saw You”: “Self-respect is knowing the odds/ And seeing the cause and effect.”

Over 13 meticulously designed, strikingly self-assured songs, Flasher now a duo of Mulitz and Baker after the departure of bassist Daniel Saperstein preserve the funhouse colours of their previous incarnation while allowing those colours to bleed somewhat i.e. we’re still at the circus with all the balloons and elephants and stuff, but maybe everyone’s crying a little bit because it’s hard to have fun all the time and it’s okay to just want to go home. On “Love is Yours”, Flasher feels weightless. The band’s 2018 debut, “Constant Image“, was a triumph – a set of songs both dizzy and explosive, balancing new-wave lushness and post-punk frenzy. “Love is Yours” steps up the ambition and reaches for the horizon. The record is ablaze with mood, melody, and carefully threaded hooks, finding the band foregrounding the pop sensibilities that had always been present in their previous releases.

Yes, the band could’ve leaned hard into post-punk predictability and done very well; however, such artistic cowardice in service of mass appeal would have been even more tragic in the long run than losing a band member in the short term, regardless of what the bores of the world have to say about it right now.

released June 15th, 2022 Domino Recording Co Ltd

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