TUNNEL – ” Vanilla “

Posted: July 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Natasha Janfaza releases her debut EP with Washington, DC Rock/Electronic record label House of Joy. Combining nostalgic alternative concepts with experimental production, Natasha’s voice delivers earnest yet urgent anxiety, pulling you into her world with catchy hooks and subversive instrumentation with drummer Brendan Canty (Fugazi, Rites of Spring, The Messthetics).  “Vanilla“, the eight-track debut from Tunnel, set for release on July 15th via DC label House of Joy. Janfaza handled all song writing duties, sings and plays a good chunk of the instruments. Her collaborators for the release are producers and multi-instrumentalists D. Saperstein and Owen Wuerker, both of whom Janfaza knew from the D.C. scene, and drummer Brendan Canty, known for his work with Fugazi, Rites of Spring and The Messthetics.

Together, they made an album that’s equally noisy and sublime, harking back to 1990s indie rock despite a very 2020s recording process (save for one song, “Figure 5,” which was written back in 2019, when Janfaza was still living in D.C., the album came together through remote collaboration). Tunnel’s short East Coast tour this month will mark the first time the full band has played together on the same stage. 

released July 15, 2022

All songs written by Natasha Janfaza
Lead vocals, backup vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer: Natasha Janfaza
Guitar, bass, synthesizer, drum machine, backup vocals: D Saperstein
Guitar, bass, synthesizer, drum machine: Owen Wuerker
Drums, drum machine: Brendan Canty

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