GOON – ” Hour of Green Evening “

Posted: July 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Back in January, Goon gifted us with a single called “Garden of Our Neighbour” that preceded a project titled “Paint by Numbers Vol. 1″ which collected the group’s home recordings made during COVID lockdown. While a “Pt. 2” to that record has yet to be announced, the dream-pop ensemble instead revealed plans for a proper album called “Hour of Green Evening”  officially drops tomorrow. 

Adding producer/engineer Phil Hartunian (Gracie Abrams, Mega Bog, Florist) to the mix, and with Spoon’s Alex Fischel providing backing keys, the resulting record is a dreamy combination of psych rock and muted grunge. “This definitely is a record we’ve always wanted to create,” shares vocalist Kenny Becker, who rejiggered the band’s line-up after 2019’s debut full-length “Heaven Is Humming“. “It was both a joy and a challenge, and we’re deeply proud of it. And we’re unspeakably excited to finally share it with everyone!”

Dillon Peralta – guitar Tamara Simons – bass Andy Polito – drums Alex Fischel – piano, synth Emily Elkin – cello, additional vocals Heather Lockie – viola Eric Clark – violin Kenny Becker – guitar, vocals, synth, piano, tape loops, composer

Recorded at Tropico Beauty in Glendale, CA

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