GOON – ” Hour of Green Evening “

Posted: July 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Los Angeles indie band Goon have been staying busy, debuting a new line-up earlier this year with their “Paint By Numbers, Vol. 1” EP, and sharing a Bandcamp exclusive “Six Covers” EP in support of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. Last month they returned again with another new single, “Angelnumber 1210,” alongside news of the band’s sophomore LP, “Hour of Green Evening”, out July 15th. Today they’re back again with the record’s second single, “Ochre,” along with an accompanying video.

“Ochre” is a bit of a different take on the placid suburban soundscapes found throughout “Hour of Green Evening”. The band’s latest effort is more sparse and nocturnal, capturing the surreal unreality of a sleepless night (“I wandered out of bed / Cause there’s a firing line in my head / And it worked for a minute / Open my evil eye”). In this setting, frontman Kenny Becker and company find an alluring moon-lit beauty, conjured via haunting vocal melodies, the rhythm section’s playful swing, and a sweeping piano solo from Spoon’s Alex Fischel.

Becker explains of “Ochre”, “This track centers around anxieties and depression. Like that feeling when you’re laying in bed wide awake at 3 am and your mind is racing so much that you just have to get up and walk around.

To me, the ‘arrow’ refers to the inevitable passage of time. Knowing that every moment will eventually pass, and therefore just trying to focus on the present. This was an especially fun one to record because it’s the only Goon song so far that swings. Also, our brilliant buddy Alex Fischel plays piano on this track, and he totally improvised that piano bit at the very end.

I shot this video using a junky little point and shoot camera made in 2009. To me, its lo-fi digital grittiness feels very fitting with the introspective and longing vibe of the song. All the songs on this album correlate pretty strongly with specific times of day. I always pictured “Ochre” occurring somewhere in that formless, transitional moment between night and day, where everything is like hauntingly blue.

“Hour Of Green Evening” out everywhere on July 15th.

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