RAT TALLY – ” Spinning Wheel “

Posted: July 12, 2022 in MUSIC

Addy Harris – caught the attention in 2019, with her excellent debut EP ‘When You Wake Up’.

Drawn into the orbit of 6131 Records, work started on her debut album, and the results are due shortly. Rat Tally will release debut LP ‘In My Car’ on August 12th, and it features Jay Som and Madeline Kenney. She’s introducing it with “Spinning Wheel,” a sighing and melodic one about wanting to get a rise out of someone: “I wish you would scream at me/ At least then I could say a few things/ I was ready on sight/ But you brought a ghost to a fist fight.”

The new song ‘Spinning Wheel’ is excellent, Reflective, it whirls through a number of gorgeous landscapes and memories, before reaching that succinct, absorbing conclusion., a fully realised, gripping piece of indie pop that recalls Soccer Mommy or Julien Baker.

For fans of Lucy Dacus and Soccer Mommy who are sure to find something to love in Addy Harris’s intimate indie rock confessionals. Rat Tally (Addy Harris) Writing sad music for sad people. Or happy people. Or whoever.

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