DOLL SPIRIT VESSEL – ” Train Brain Rot “

Posted: July 12, 2022 in MUSIC

Kati Malison has a great voice, the kind that make her band Doll Spirit Vessel stand out from the crowd.

Doll Spirit Vessel try to outrun their old beliefs on “Train Brain Rot.” The single marks the first release from their debut, “What Stays” , via Disposable America. An identity crisis disguised as inconspicuous indie rock, “Train Brain Rot” sees bandleader Kati Malison second-guessing some of her strongest convictions. Trying to resist the comfort of being defined, Malison pushes herself to reassess “the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how little they serve us sometimes,” she says in a statement.

The band’s DIY ethos appears in the accompanying music video, co-produced by Malison and Jon Cox (Sadurn, Mother Moses). Malison sprints through the darkness in a sporty get-up as she tries to dodge the obstacles her friends hurl at her, downs a beer and deters her competition by throwing a few elbows. Even after cutting the finish line with what appears to be safety scissors, she doesn’t stop to catch her breath, but rather continues to run in never-ending circles.

Listen to her wail on “Train Brain Rot,” which will feature on “From What Stays“, out August 12th.

From What Stays” out August 12th, 2022 on Disposable America Written by Kati Malison

Performed and arranged by Kati Malison, Max Holbrook, and Lewis Brown
Drums on “What Stays” and “Small Mass” by Pepe Hidalgo
E-drums on “Small Mass” by Peter Geiser
Backing vocals on “What Stays” and “Mirrors” by Sophie Goldberg
Horn on “A Light” by Heidi Aispuro

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