WARMDUSCHER – “Twitchin’ In The Kitchen”

Posted: July 8, 2022 in MUSIC

It’s all change for this, the fourth long-player from the Warmduscher camp. Not only have the fuzzed-out London-based outfit moved from one excellent label (Tony Morley’s The Leaf Label) to another (Simon Raymonde’s Bella Union), but there’s been a last-minute substitution in the producer’s chair.

Having been at the controls for the last two albums, Speedy Wonderground’s Dan Carey (the hardest working man in show business) was lined up for this one, but just as everyone was ready to go Carey got Covid. Warmduscher aren’t a band known for hanging around (their last outing, 2019’s frantic ‘Tainted Lunch’, was recorded in four days) so with the clock ticking they turned to Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle for some expert knob twiddling. The result is still very much the scuzzy Warmduscher we’ve come to love, but this time it’s super-charged with a polished funk sound. “Like stumbling home to your squatted loft after a drunken night at the local disco” say their people.

Just to lull you into a false sense of security, opener ‘Live At The Hotspot’ is a late-night smoocher. A kind of tuxe-no-bow-tie set-closing kind of tune, played in a smoky, underground, backstreet jazz bar, you know, the sort of place you’d imagine Clams Baker Jr and co to hang out. It gives way to ‘Hot Shot’, which revs like a motorbike, opening up the throttle as the pressure builds towards ‘Eight Minute Machines’, which is where things really start cooking. Its scattergun Sigue Sigue Sputnik/kosmische pulse locks down as everything they’ve got is chucked over the top.

Summed up by the powers that been: Electric transmissions from the kitchens of twitch! Busy signals, threats of bodily harm, the pan-fried doom of grandma’s palpitations, a k2 carpet ride you can’t hop off of. Pick it up Jan & Jimmy, you’re all alone! 🤝

Behold, “Twitchin’ In The Kitchen,” our latest offering to you and the gods featuring a video tale to join us made possible by the following professionals of the industry.

Warmduscher “Twitchin’ In The Kitchen” from their forthcoming album “Live at the Hotspot”

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