The WAVE PICTURES – ” When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings “

Posted: July 7, 2022 in MUSIC

The Wave Pictures bring to an end a four year hiatus with a double LP ‘When The Emperor Spreads His Purple Wings’. Lead single ‘This Heart Of Mine’ is a beautifully gentle, autumnal tune, inspired by Neil Young’s country-tinged output and features lyrics about memories, space and time travel. The band are known for playing a variety of styles from garage rock to jazz and blues.

With a nuance of autumn, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ references time and space travel & memory all rolled into one. Musically inspired by classic Neil Young, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ witnesses The Wave Pictures going full-on country and features cowboy harmonica from Dominic ‘Hotdog’ Brider, Franic Rozycki on mandolin, alongside Dave Tattersall’s gentle acoustic guitar strum. The first of four seasonal videos made by Nina Garthwaite for “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings” album, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ is Autumn: “The week I made it autumn was at its best, sunny and cold with long shadows. The best thing about autumn is that the days somehow feel like they contain all the autumn days that ever were, just right for a song about memories and time. I’m still exploring animation and this is much more multimedia in style than I’ve done so far – there are mono-prints, photos, paintings and photocopies and I probably got over-excited about the flicker technique! It is also inspired a lot by the bonkers collage posters Franic likes to do. Towards the end, when when the band appears as if inside a planet, brings to mind how long it’s been since they have been able to tour properly. Hopefully by the time the album is released they’ll be back, rocking, doing what they love.”

The Wave Pictures, industrious and prolific as ever, return today with ‘This Heart Of Mine’, taken from the forthcoming double album “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings”, out in 2022:

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