LIZZY McALPINE – ” Five Seconds Flat “

Posted: July 3, 2022 in MUSIC

McAlpine’s “Five Seconds Flat” truly had me speechless the first time that I listened to it. It’s the 22-year-old’s sophomore album and captures the overwhelming, yet nostalgic feelings we experience in our twenties. The musician has range demonstrating a soft voice in “What A Shame” to vulnerable belts in “Erase Me.” She presents a new perspective for those undergoing heartache that anyone who’s had their heart broken can relate to. Collaborating with musicians from Jacob Collier to FINNEAS, McAlpine goes beyond being tough and tender—she’s timeless. 

This album is so special to me. I really put a lot of work into making sure that the track list was in the right order and the story that it told was cohesive so I would urge you to listen through the first time in order. ok that’s enough for now bye.

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