GUERILLA TOSS – ” Famously Alive “

Posted: July 3, 2022 in MUSIC

On the exhilarating “Famously Alive”, Guerilla Toss complete their career-long transformation from underground art-punks to experimental pop band. Now sober after battling a years-long opiate addiction, frontwoman Kassie Carlson has come out on the other side with an infectious new lust for life that practically bursts out of “Happy Me” and the explosively anthemic title track. Full of cartoonishly colourful grooves that come dangerously close to approachability without sacrificing any of their freaky edge, “Famously Alive” is the sound of Guerilla Toss embracing all of their weird, wonderful impulses and emerging with some of their finest and most life-affirming work to date. 

“Famously Alive” by Guerilla Toss from their upcoming album ‘Famously Alive’, out March 25th on Sub Pop Records.

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