JENNY HVAL – ” Apocalypse, Girl “

Posted: July 1, 2022 in MUSIC

Think big, girl, like a king, think kingsize. Jenny Hval’s record opens with a quote from the Danish poet Mette Moestrup, and continues towards the abyss. “Apocalypse, girl” is a hallucinatory narrative that exists somewhere between fiction and reality, a post-op fever dream, a colourful time lapse of death and rebirth, close-ups of impossible bodies — all told through the language of transgressive pop music.

“Apocalypse, Girl” finds Jenny Hval pairing abstract sounds and pop sensibilities to great effect, songs that straddle a musical duality that inspires and intrigues. A fascinating and engaging album that is fully deserving of all of the accolades, recognition, and admiration that it has received…The music here is expertly crafted to make an impression – with such wit and irony. The production Intimately twisted and quite simply beautiful and haunting.

released June 9th, 2015

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