GRACE CUMMINGS – ” Storm Queen “

Posted: June 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Every once in a while an Artist comes along that knocks your socks off and makes you feel perfectly at peace in your Vegan boots. One such Artist is Melbourne based singer songwriter Grace Cummings. Do not pass up the opportunity to see her perform live and regale you with her stories. While Grace Cummings’ debut record “Refuge Cove” from 2019 was already an astonishing proof of her vocal expressiveness, her arbitrary coronation act for “Storm Queen” now follows on . Cummings is at her core a folksinger and her dynamics are built around the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. After a rather quick ascent through Melbourne’s indie underground in 2018, the Australian made her debut a year later with the austere “Refuge Cove” on King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s Flightless Records.

Lou Reed said of his live band that he insisted all the musicians bring their best or get off the stage. Grace Cummings pushes the musicians and herself to their limits at times throughout this album and I absolutely love it. The gentler tunes stand out as a warm embrace between the more jagged edged pieces. 

Upon hearing Grace Cummings‘ 2019 debut “Refuge Cove”, it was immediately understood that she had arrived. That there was no-one like her before, and there might not be again. Immediately, her second album “Storm Queen” calls you to be submerged in its waters. It’s seraphic, beguiling, and howling.

Her unmistakeable voice is like the souls of a thousand half-smoked cigarettes, and it pairs beautifully with the chilling echo of her acoustic guitar.

She has the persona of the traditional folk songwriter and storyteller, yet the surrounding production – sparse violin, howling and frenetic horns, haunting electric guitar – devour the listener.

Much like the religious experience of a Dirty Three, Nina Simone, Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash or Janis Joplin musical sermon, Grace Cummings rides in on the storm like a queen ready to reign.

Released January 14th, 2022

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