OSEES – ” Perm Act “

Posted: June 25, 2022 in MUSIC

For OSEES‘ upcoming album “A Foul Form“, out August 12th via Castle Face, bandleader Jack Dwyer promised an experiment in lo-fi punk. Well, what he said exactly was “Brain stem cracking scum-punk.” And no foray into underground punk would be complete without a condemnation of the police, and thus OSEES have delivered “Perm Act”.

“Perm Act” arrives in a more digestible form than the lead “A Foul Form” single “Funeral Solution“, which drowned out any frontal cortex activity with an overdrive-infested total assault. For the new single, the band takes on a dark surf-rock tone as Dwyer delivers a verbal takedown of those who work forces—all of it imbued with a healthy amount of fuzz. The video goes even further as power-hungry local cops go mad and ultimately rip each other apart.

Watch the new John Harlow-directed music video for the latest OSEES single, “Perm Act”A Foul Form is available for pre-order. The group is preparing for a fall tour of North America “Perm Act” appears on the forthcoming album “A Foul Form”, out on Castle Face Records August 12th

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