HALF WAIF – ” Portraits “

Posted: June 23, 2022 in MUSIC

So excited to share this new EP and video series with you! “Portraits” is a reimagining, in elemental form, of two songs from “The Caretaker” and two from “Mythopoetics“. It was filmed and recorded as a live performance in Troy, NY. I think of it as a kind of sonic portraiture, rendering the melodies and lyrics in intimate detail. Half Waif is the musical home of singer / songwriter / producer Nandi Rose

I came to music and to songwriting when I was a kid, singing at a piano. Over the years, I learned to build layered arrangements around the songs, which at times felt like a kind of armor. Returning to these voice and piano arrangements feels particularly vulnerable for me. There’s nothing to hide behind. But it also feels like a homecoming, a nod to where I came from. In this form, I could see the songs from a new angle–it was like we were meeting again after we’ve both done some growing up. Sometimes we can say more with so much less.

The EP was recorded and mixed by the ever-brilliant Zubin Hensler, and the videos were shot by my trusty collaborators, Kenna Hynes and the Chromoscope team. Each captures a different quality of light as the sun flared and fell on a blizzardy day in March.

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