THUS LOVE – ” Inamorato “

Posted: June 18, 2022 in MUSIC

Following on from their signing to Captured Tracks, Vermont’s newest group, Thus Love, share their debut single ‘Inamorato’. Utterly engrossing right from the slacker-ish get-go, Thus Love, with their pink hair, poetic nonchalance, and suburban sense of DIY, are the perfect band for a new-generation of articulately-nimble guitar-music.

Sprawling, hook-laden and pristinely drooled, ‘Inamorato’ gently seeps into every crevice it touches with effortless cool. Like city rain dripping down the up-turned collar of a leather jacket; all oversized comfort and adolescent identification, we should all know better by now than to brandish our delicate’s during an internal-hail-storm and yet, Thus Love turn naturally murky substance matter, into durable bright-ideas.

With notions of routinely-mesmerising-mundanity-  Sunday morning’s turning into a mid-week-crisis all in the stroke of some obsessively peculiar-riffage, this is “alternative” at its most sophisticated. When apprehension in its eye, ‘Inamorato’ smartly charms with displayable-sincerity; texturally pliable in the same manner mohair demonstrates fuzzy resilience with stylish warmth and lustre.

Now that their windows of opportunity are flung wide-open, there’s no shadow of a doubt there’ll be plenty more of Thus Love nimbly-authentic outlook, in the not so distant future. 

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