PET FOX – ” A Face In Your Life “

Posted: June 18, 2022 in MUSIC

“A Face In Your Life”, the third full-length from Boston power trio Pet Fox, featuring vocalist/guitarist Theo Hartlett (Ovlov), bassist Morgan Luzzi (Ovlov) and drummer Jesse Weiss (ex-Palehound, Grass Is Green), is a difficult album to summarize. Like a perfect skipping stone, its smooth seamlessness defies description—it just feels right in the palm of your hand. The band tracked their follow-up to 2018’s Pet Fox and 2019’s “Rare Occasion” live in a room in Somerville, Massachusetts, with production from New Alliance Audio’s Ethan Dussault and mixing by Seth Engel.

It’s a 10-track half-hour of pristine pop-rock, at turns subdued (“Settle Even”) and hard-charging (“It Won’t Last”), but always effortlessly melodic, and casting a far longer sonic shadow than that of your average trio. Hartlett delivers clipped, koan-esque lyrics (“Checked off, checked out,” “Only warning, only wanting”), yet his vocals are full of feeling, as if in an effort to show and not tell. Pet Fox invite you in and offer a vessel for your interiority, rather than laying out their own; “A Face In Your Life” peoples your solitude without pushing you aside. How many other rock records can say the same? 

released June 17th, 2022

Theo Hartlett: Guitar and Vocals
Morgan Luzzi: Bass
Jesse Weiss: Drums
All songs written by Pet Fox

“Checked Out” is the first single from Pet Fox’s new album, “A Face In Your Life,” due out June 17th on Exploding In Sound Records.

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