JOCKSTRAP – ” Glasgow “

Posted: June 18, 2022 in MUSIC

London-based duo Jockstrap (Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye) announced the release of their debut album, “I Love You Jennifer B”, which will be out on September 9th via Rough Trade. They also shared a video for a new album single, “Glasgow” in addition to announcing a North American tour in support of the album.

In a press release, the band state: “I Love You Jennifer B” is a collection of Jockstrap tracks that have been three years in the making. Everything on it is pretty singular sounding so we hope there is a track on there for everyone and something that speaks to you and says ‘I’m a banger.’”

They add, regarding the new single: “‘Glasgow’ is our coming of age, moving forward, long-distance, travelling, beautiful bosk, wonderful thicket song. Glasgow is a great city, perhaps my favourite city in the U.K. Only downside is that it’s so damn cold all the time.”

when georgia ellery and taylor skye make music as jockstrap, the process and result has one definition: pure modern pop alchemy.

With their debut album “I Love You Jennifer B”, Jockstrap will cement themselves as one of the most vital young groups to emerge from London’s melting pot of musical cultures in years. commenting on the album.

Last November, the duo shared the album track “50/50.” They later shared the album track “Concrete Over Water,” Their most recent music project was the EP “Beavercore”, which came out in 2020 via Warp Records

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