Posted: June 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Preoccupations have announced a new album, “Arrangements“, and shared its first single, “Ricochet.” The band has also announced some fall tour dates.”Arrangements is due out September 9th. In Canada Flemish Eye will be putting “Arrangements” out and the band will self-release it in America and the rest of the world.

“The lyrics are pretty conspicuous and self explanatory on this one, but it’s basically about the world blowing up and no one giving a shit,” says vocalist/songwriter Matthew Flegal in a press release, in regards to “Ricochet.”

Arrangements is the band’s fourth album (and their third under the name Preoccupations). It follows 2018’s amusingly titled “New Material”. Flegal, guitarist Danny Christiansen, and guitarist/keyboardist Scott Munro convened in 2019 at Munro’s Studio St. Zo in Montreal to start work on the album. Then drummer Mike Wallace joined in. COVID-19 derailed continued in-person work on the album, so the band finished the album remotely, with Munro recording at a makeshift studio he set up at his parents’ house. Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) mixed “Arrangements“, and Mikey Young (Total Control) mastered it.

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