Paul Thomas Saunders – ” Heartlands “

Posted: June 16, 2022 in MUSIC

After “Beautiful Desolation” came out, I felt flat and lost a deeply rooted compulsion to create that I’d had as long as I can remember. For about a year, I barely touched an instrument, and didn’t write a thing. Then, in 2015, a song came out of nowhere.
Heartlands“, was finished in a day, and I felt all the colour rushing back into a great void. It felt like the start of something new. The experience was like feeling a comforting hand on my shoulder from the oldest of friends – and that’s what I wanted the lyrics to represent. A gentle empathy – exploring your decisions and your dreams that made you who you are, inquisitive to how you got there.

The new Album ‘Figure in a Landscape’ will be released on September 30th on 7476.

Along with sharing my new single ‘Heartlands’ which is available now, from today you can also pre-order a limited gatefold vinyl of my new LP, featuring the beautiful expressionist artwork of Adfail (Jacob Chandler)  
7 years later, it’s the wildest, and most satisfying feeling to be able to share “Heartlands” with you, my next single. This song was the start of a long journey that’s lead me here, able to announce, that my new album ‘Figure in a Landscape’ will be released on 7476 on September 30th.

It’s a collection of songs that I feel know me better than, at times, I have known myself. Produced by me, at home – in partnership with my two long-time creative muses Ali Thynne and Max Prior. It features collaborations with some wonderful artists; Ajimal, Hilang Child & SIVU, along with friends who play music simply for the joy of it. 

It’s terrifying, and thrilling – to share these innermost vulnerabilities with you.

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