BEEN STELLAR – ” My Honesty “

Posted: June 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Brooklyn 5-piece Been Stellar cement their status as one of the best new bands around, with their new track ‘My Honesty’. A song about the search for authenticity in oneself, ‘My Honesty’ is the sound of a band seizing their own future and cutting through the tension.

With Steve Lamacq’s endorsement already under their belt (he made them one of his spotlight artists), Been Stellar embark on a UK and European tour this September.

Formed somewhere in the last five years, Been Stellar (Sam Slocum on vocals, Skyler St. Marx on guitar, Nando Dale on guitar, Nico Brunstein on bass, and Laila Wayans on drums) is our favourite new addition to the enticing coven of NYC post-punk bands interested in creating music that has the melody, vigour and rawness of the city. Been Stellar play stylish, confrontaonal indie rock. Coming together from around the globe to reside in Brooklyn, the 5 piece share their honest account of a city hyper-saturated with commercialism, consumerism, and aging cultural touchstones.

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