OSO OSO –  ” Sore Thumb “

Posted: June 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Long Island’s Oso Oso have just surprise-released their fourth album, Sore Thumb. Main member Jade Lilitri had been demo-ing the album in early 2021 with his cousin Tavish Maloney at producer Billy Mannino’s (of Bigger Better Sun) Two Worlds Recordings, and the plan was to take a month off and then go back and decide where and who to work with to complete the album, when Tavish suddenly passed away. When that happened, Jade decided not to touch the songs and release them as is, only handing it over to Long Island veteran Mike Sapone (who also produced and mixed Oso Oso’s 2019 album “Basking in the Glow) to mix. The result is a big, soaring, spacious indie rock album,

“sore thumb” was made in February 2021 at Two Worlds Recording Studio

Songs written and composed by oso oso
Jade Lilitri – vocals, guitar, bass, drums, aux percussion
Tavish Maloney – guitar, aux percussion, vocals on “carousel”
Billy Mannion – piano
Josh Knowles – violin on “describe you”

The making of this record is now a memory of a time that i holder closer to my heart than anything. Regardless of how I feel about these songs in the years to come, I am so happy this exists. Thanks for listening. Be decent.
Produced by Jade Lilitri, Billy Mannino and Tavish Maloney

Round Hill/Triple Crown Records

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