MITSKI – ” Laurel Hell “

Posted: June 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Recorded in league with her long-time producer Patrick HylandMitski announces her sixth studio album ‘Laurel Hell’. Though many of its songs originally date back to 2018 in terms of when they were written (shortly after released 2018’s breakout ‘Be The Cowboy’) these tracks have taken on new resonance in the context of the pandemic lockdown and America’s bitter social divides. Contains the singles ‘Working For The Knife’ and ‘The Only Heartbreaker’.

According to her latest bio, Mitski “wrote many of “Laurel Hell’s” songs during or before 2018,” but didn’t finish mixing it until May of 2021, marking the most amount of time she’d ever spent on an album. The songs may date back three or four years, but they did evolve throughout the pandemic. They “slowly took on new forms and meanings, like seed to flower,” Mitski said, and added that the album evolved “to be more uptempo and dance-y.”

“I needed to create something that was also a pep talk,” she continued. “Like, it’s time, we’re going to dance through this.” That feeling very much comes through in the music; Mitski has written pop-friendly songs before (“Nobody”), but she’s never embraced ’80s-style new wave and synthpop as fully as she does on “Laurel Hell” songs like “Love Me More,” “Should’ve Been Me,” “That’s Our Lamp,” and especially “The Only Heartbreaker,” the latter of which truly feels world-conquering enough to win over the crowd when Mitski opens for Harry Styles on tour this year. “Laurel Hell” definitely Goes Pop, and glossy synths definitely replace the guitar-oriented sound Mitski was once known for, but the songs still have that unique Mitski flair.

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