BEACH HOUSE – ” Over and Over “

Posted: June 15, 2022 in MUSIC

From their beginnings, Baltimore dreampop duo Beach House have gotten comparisons to Cocteau Twins, who are an admitted influence on the duo. You could feel it especially on 2018’s 7, on tracks like “Lemon Glow” (which is even a title you could imagine Cocteau Twins using). Simon Raymonde, the former Cocteau Twins bassist who runs Beach House’s UK label, Bella Union, understands the comparisons. “I see the way people look at Victoria [Legrand]. It’s like I’m revisiting what it was like to see a sea of thousands of faces look at Elizabeth, just madly in love with her,” he said further “I think it’s really emotional, their music. I can’t say I ever felt that about our own music. I never cried at our own music, listening back to it, unless I was so frustrated because I couldn’t make it sound how I wanted to make it sound. I know that other people did find our music very emotional. Now I kind of understand that better.”

Beach House shared four more new songs from their album, “Once Twice Melody”. The new songs comprise the second chapter of the album, which consists of tracks 5-8: “Runaway,” “ESP,” “New Romance,” and our top song of the week, the seven-minute long “Over and Over.”

The band shared the album’s first chapter, which consisted of the album’s first four tracks and included the album’s title track, The third chapter, featuring tracks 9-12, released on January 19th, 2022, and the album’s fourth and final chapter, which contains the final four songs on the album, released with the full album on February 18th.

Beach House’s previous album, 7, came out back in 2018 via Sub Pop Records.

The second song by dream pop duo Beach House “Runaway,” was also featured in the second batch of newly released songs from their forthcoming album, “Once Twice Melody“. The song was released with an animated lyric video directed by Ethan Fedele. 

“Once Twice Melody” is by far — and by design — Beach House‘s most sprawling record to date, but it’s also their most cohesive, fully realized record since “Bloom“. It’s an expansion/refinement of the ethereal sound of 2018’s 7, with Legrand’s once throaty, emotive vocal style giving way to a gentler, more tranquil and airy delivery. Likewise, the music soars through the space dust, shining with flashes of baroque folk, electropop, celestial prog, and Cocteau Twins and Broadcast style dreampop. The whole of “Once Twice Melody” ebbs and flows over the course of a nearly hour-and-a-half ride, and it’s a trip worth taking all the way to the end. Don’t be daunted; just take their hand and let them whisk you away, through the looking glass, out the window, into the stars.

Beach House new album “Once Twice Melody.”

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