BEACH BUNNY – ” Entropy “

Posted: June 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Lili Trifilio does, as her band Beach Bunny’s latest album release “Emotional Creature” (due July 22nd, Mom + Pop) single makes clear. The “Entropy” she sings about is in her narrator’s own heart and mind, a disordered energy—head-over-heels love, to be exact—that she feels helpless to direct. “And I can’t release, but I can’t hold in / All the smiles and grinning / Like life is just beginning,” Trifilio swoons over power-chord crunch and cymbal crash, swearing in the song’s ultra-hooky choruses, “Somebody’s gonna figure us out / And I hope they do, ‘cause I’m falling for you, whoa.”

Equal parts sweet and sensitive, “Entropy” is another satisfying preview of Beach Bunny’s much-anticipated sophomore album.

releases July 22nd, 2022

2022, Mom+Pop records

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