RACHAEL DADD – ” Moon Sails “

Posted: June 13, 2022 in MUSIC

On 14.10.22 Rachael Dadd is to release her new studio album ‘Kaleidoscope’. The contemporary folk multi-instrumentalist and long-time This Is The Kit band member, Rachael Dadd, wraps us in her technicolour dream blanket on her naturally radiant new album

The wildly creative free-form songwriter was another one of those annoying people who used their lockdown wisely & productively. during that time, she crafted her magical new album  ‘Kaleidoscope’, which joins the dinked edition family because, as soon as we heard it, we knew you needed to, too. japanese aesthetics absorbed from her time spent living there are subconsciously woven into Rachael’s songs. married to her gentle but affecting folk-inflected melodies, she coaxes us into her vibrant sound-world and away from the overwhelming noise outside

Co-produced “intuitively, boldly, and playfully” by Rachael and Rob Pemberton (the Staves, Emily Barker, Maja Lena), ‘Kaleidoscope’ includes musical collaborators such as Maja Lena (low chimes), long-time collaborator Emma Gatrill (Willy Mason), Alex Heane (bass), Charlotte West (synths), Alex Garden (strings) and 2019’s ‘flux’ producer Marcus Hamblett (villagers, the staves, laundromat), giving the record “just the right colour combination, just the right pattern of shapes, plenty of space where needed”, reflects rachael ​​​​

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