The WHO – ” Live In Philadelphia ” Vol 1 & 2

Posted: June 12, 2022 in MUSIC

By 1973, the Who had begun recording their “Quadrophenia” album, the rock opera about mod culture. The Quadrophenia tour started in Stoke on Trent in October ‘73 – the same month the record was released – but was immediately beset with sound and relationship problems.

Their US tour started on 20th November at the Cow Palace; a legendary show during which Keith Moon passed out, prompting Pete Townshend to ask the audience, “Can anyone play the drums? I mean somebody good.” The show was completed with audience member Scott Halpin behind Moon’s kit.
The Who’s penultimate gig in the US during their ‘73 tour, was performed at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on December 4th. Playing a stunning concert which for many fans was the best show of the tour, the Who ripped through an extraordinary set, bookended by Who classics, but with a dynamic selection of numbers from “Quadrophenia” at its core.

The Who recorded live at The Spectrum in Philadelphia PA on 12/4/1973. Broadcast on the nationally syndicated King Biscuit Flower Hour on WXCD 94.7 Chicago and other stations nationwide. The Who: Pete Townshend – Guitar, Vocals; Roger Daltrey – Vocals, Harmonica; John Entwistle – Bass, Vocals; Keith Moon – Drums, Vocals

Richard Lewis: “A more complete version of this show is now in circulation and includes both “Punk and the Godfather” and “5:15″. “No Love Reign O’er Me“, yet which would complete the most likely setlist. However, after an 8 minute ovation the band returned to the stage for a 12 minute encore of “Naked Eye” I added the songs to setlist.

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