DUMMY – ” Mono Retriever “

Posted: June 11, 2022 in MUSIC

Los Angeles-based Dummy follows up their debut LP, “Mandatory Enjoyment”, with two songs for the Sub Pop Singles Club. The A-Side, “Mono Retriever,” is a baroque-drone-pop rager that imagines what a punk Free Design song might sound like. The lyrics criticize the corporate greenwashing and dishonesty at the root of ecological devastation. On the B-Side, “Pepsi Vacuum,” the band experiments with sampling and digital editing, taking inspiration from ‘90s ambient and chill-out music. As a lyrical counterpoint, “Pepsi Vacuum” is about the spirituality of nature; the powerful feeling of universality and connection, down to the molecular level.

The two songs function as mirrors, referencing the other musically, and both sharing oceanic lyrical themes. A jittery post-punk banger, “Mono Retriever” manages to be lush while still taking a barebones approach. The chirpy track ruminates on the blatant disregard that big businesses have for nature, and serves as a mirror for its shoegaze-inspired counterpart. The perfect contrast, “Pepsi Vacuum” sees the band experiment with digital editing and sports a ’90s chillwave edge. While both tracks play with an oceanic motif, Dummy shows their versatility by creating two completely different sonic experiences that still somehow fit together seamlessly.

Dummy’s debut LP “Mandatory Enjoyment” came out in October 2021 on Trouble In Mind, following two cassette EPs on Pop Wig and Born Yesterday, respectively. Dummy is Emma, Nathan, Mark, Alex and Joe, and they appear courtesy of Trouble In Mind.

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