TOM CALDER ‘DAGGY MAN’ – “Crying Is A Letting Go” 

Posted: June 9, 2022 in MUSIC

“Outdoor Crying” is a song about anguish and vulnerability – It’s about a search for meaning, identity and the struggle of committing to what it means to be human. With flavours of hip hop, rock, electronica, indie and folk all weaving together, the sonic palette of “Outdoor Crying” truly exemplifies its core message of remaining open and accepting the ever-changing nature of existence – “Always, at once, we are everything.” “I just wanted this song, and the whole album really, to sound like a person bare and naked, screaming into the void – letting every part of themselves explode into the ether” says Thomas. “A lot of the time, music is my way of inhabiting and making sense of, or exploring, my feelings; so with each song, what you’re really hearing is someone in the middle of going through something. I developed a sense of dissociation from my daily life a long time ago, as a mode of protection from a lot of hurt and fear I was dealing with. Although a lot of the source of that initial anguish is gone, the dissociation is something I’m still very much trying to unlearn, or let go of.

Over the years, my music has always been one of the only places where that connection to “feeling” has remained very strong, sometimes overwhelmingly so, and I think you can hear and feel that in the songs.” “Basically, if somebody asked me to describe my music, I would say: It’s the sound of someone trying”. “Outdoor Crying” is the third release from an upcoming collaboration album between two of Calder’s own alter egos, Daggy Man and Tom Calder.

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