WILDER MAKER – ” Male Models “

Posted: June 5, 2022 in MUSIC

NYC band Wilder Maker will release their second album, “Male Models”, on July 29 via Western Vinyl. Frontman and songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum and bandmates Nick Jost and Sean Mullins got some vocal help on this one from Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Katie Von Schleicher, Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna), Alex Schaaf (Yellow Ostrich), V.V. Lightbody, and Jordan Lee (Mutual Benefit), who all sing lead on tracks.

The album’s first single, “Letter of Apology,” needs no extra vocal help, though, as Gabriel works through an existential crisis with self-deprecating humour and Velvet Underground-style chugging melody. It does feature Von Schleicher on guitar.

releases July 29th, 2022

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