S.G. GOODMAN – ” Teeth Marks “

Posted: June 2, 2022 in MUSIC

S.G. Goodman was raised in Western Kentucky on the Mississippi River Delta in a strict church going family of row crop farmers. Her debut solo album “Old Time Feeling”, co-produced with fellow Kentuckian Jim James, showcases S.G.’s otherworldly voice, which soars above a sonic blend of gritty guitars, bottomland grooves and plaintive balladry. Goodman has a new album due this week,

S.G. Goodman turns the sleepless nights spent yearning over unrequited love into a delicate delve into her psyche on her latest album, “Teeth Marks”.

The first three singles from the Kentucky singer-songwriter’s follow up to 2020’s “Old Time Feeling” feature a delicate finger-plucked electric guitar and subtle southern influence. It feels like pressing on a bruise as she revisits old wounds, comes to terms with an emotionally unavailable lover, and recalls it all through fragmented details like the dead birds they prayed over in the park.

With the first glimpse of the record already packed with so much raw emotion and intimate half-hushed confessionals, it’s clear that the rest of the album will be just as tender-hearted.

“All My Love is Coming Back To Me” the new album ‘Teeth Marks’ out 3rd June: via Verve Forecast.

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