GABRIELS DAWN – ” Gabriel’s Dawn “

Posted: June 2, 2022 in MUSIC

The debut single from Gabriel’s Dawn who are a band from England who have a love for the Laurel Canyon music scene and Country rock. We are huge music fans first and foremost and we love to engage with like minded people. And the points where they break with a full embodiment of Tom Petty or The Byrds [by way of Dylan’s ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’] are for certain the more interesting aspects. The special kind of arpeggiation in ’24 Hours from Heaven’ – so plainly reminiscent of a twelve string guitar – combined with thick, clean chorus, does well as a dog ear to the pages of that type and period of 60s music. 

Fran explained “We’re all massive fans of 60s’ culture, music, films, art and fashion. That’s not to say we are stuck in that time period, but I’d certainly love a time machine for a day or two to experience it. Although we’re fans of the UK bands and the psych and freakbeat scenes, we all agree that US bands of that time appeal more to us more. The Byrds, Love and Buffalo Springfield being the obvious ones, but also bands like The Merry Go Round, The Beau Brummels and Penny Arkade.

It should go without saying that elements from these bands and really from that whole era are absolutely foundational and therefore serve as an unavoidable influence, but Gabriel’s Dawn grabs all the best glimmering bits and throws them into a coalescence of country (resulting in song ‘We’), dream-pop, and with the likes of earlier 60s re-imaginings which cropped up in the middle and late 90s. ‘Loaded Gun’ is a perfect marriage of the three.  

Gabriel’s Dawn are new band from the Midlands brought together through a shared love of melodic pop, jangly guitars and classic song writing. Featuring Gudg (vocals), Fran (Bass), Leon (Guitar) and Stuart (keys). The self titled debut album from Midlands based band Gabriel’s Dawn was released on May 30th. Brought together by a shared love of melodic pop, the chime of the Rickenbacker and the power of classic song writing, the album was recorded throughout 2021 by band member Leon Jones. 

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