LED ZEPPELIN – ” Madison Square Garden 1970 ” 8mm film (Evening show)

Posted: May 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Newly-unearthed 8mm film footage of Led Zeppelin’s September 19th, 1970 evening show at New York’s Madison Square Garden is setting the internet ablaze, the newly-discovered footage capturing the second of two Led Zeppelin shows at the Garden on September 19th, 1970 is generating much excitement among Zeppelin aficionados.

Led Zeppelin performed two shows at the Manhattan arena that day, at 2pm and 8pm, with frontman Robert Plant paying tribute to guitar god Jimi Hendrix at the latter show, in acknowledgement of his death the previous day. LedZeppelin.com states that “the evening’s performance is widely considered one of their best ever.”

Which helps explain why a newly-unearthed reel of 8mm film capturing the band in full flight on the night in question is generating much excitement among Zeppelin fans.

Posted on YouTube by user ikhnaton yesterday (May 25th), the two minute 48 second clip features snippets of set opener “Immigrant Song”, which would emerge as the opening track on the band’s third album, released three weeks later, on October 5th, 1970, and the set’s second track “Heartbreaker”.

And comments under the clip suggest that Zeppelin fans are digging it. “Holy grail stuff right here” reads one comment, while user Simon Perry writes “Wow. These three minutes are more enjoyable than the Albert Hall footage.”

“It’s amazing to me how just under 3 minutes of fragmented Zeppelin footage is still better than any other band on the planet,” adds one.

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