BREAD PILOT – ” New To You “

Posted: May 27, 2022 in MUSIC

“There’s an immediate, Big Star-like appeal to Bread Pilot’s unabashedly poppy music; true, it’s leavened with a good deal of crunchier distortion and the periodic ragged holler of vocals, but the commitment to expertly crafted songs (with unexpected hints of psychedelia) is similar. Plus, the band performs the admirable task of getting in and out in under three minutes on most of these tracks. Rarely has the phrase “You have your whole life to make your first album” been more applicable: “New To You” is the full-length result of a decade of playing together that began in high school. And it’s one hell of a coming-out party.”
—The AV Club

Bread Pilot’s new album “New To You!” Recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, WA and engineered by Sam Rosson (Great Grandpa’s Four of Arrows, Death Cab for Cutie) — we’re confident this album is going to be a classic.

“It’s an album which is rooted in the heart of lo-fi but produced with contemporary indie-rock sheen. Each layered track emanates a measured approach to song writing, a precise ear for earworm melodies, and scores of influences from the past.”
—Under The Radar

All songs written by Stephen Ibanez and Taylor Hayden

Bread Pilot is Evan House, Stephen Ibanez, Taylor Hayden, and Levi Nattrass

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