LORD HURON – ” Long Lost ” Deluxe Edition

Posted: May 26, 2022 in MUSIC

 Lord Huron have released the deluxe edition of their most recent album, “Long Lost”. It includes the song “Your Other Life” along with a French version, “Ton Autre Vie.” They have shared a technically innovative video for both songs which consists of two videos seamlessly blended together: one featuring frontman Ben Schneider performing “Your Other Life” and the other featuring vocalist Sarah Dugas performing “Ton Autre Vie.” A fader on the bottom of the screen lets the viewer control which version they are watching, and if the fader is placed in the middle, the two vocalists’ performances are merged together as if performing a duet.

In a press release, Schneider states: “We recorded ‘Your Other Life’ during the sessions for “Long Lost“, but it didn’t end up finding a place on the album. Not because I didn’t like the way the song turned out, but because I kept hearing it in my head as sung by a woman instead of myself. Also in French….

“So we called up Sarah Dugas and recorded it that way as well, not really knowing what we’d do with it, just seeing where it went. She did an amazing job, not just with the singing but also with the translation. Listening to them side by side, I felt like the songs were made stronger by their proximity to one another. It seemed to bolster the themes of the lyrics—leading a double life, having wildly different perspectives on a situation.

“I started thinking of ways to present the songs together and had the idea of being able to switch or fade between them in real time. Almost like switching between the two lives implied in the song. I thought including a visual element would make it even stronger. A cross-fadeable, double music video sounded pretty interesting.

“We got in touch with Adam Willis who’s done some videos with us before and he had the thought of doing it as two perspectives on the same situation. Kind of a Rashomon inspired idea. So, we rented an Elk’s lodge in the valley and shot it at the bar there in a day.

“We hadn’t really thought too much about whether or not this was all possible technically. Luckily our friend Lee Martin was able to help us make it all happen.”

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