GIRL IN RED – ” hornylovesickmess “

Posted: May 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Last April, girl in red’s Maria Ulven released her debut album “if i could make it go quiet”. Now she is celebrating the album’s first trip around the sun, Ulven has shared a video for the upbeat-yet-devastating track “hornylovesickmess” that was directed by Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer.

“‘hornylovesickmess’ is one of my favourites off the album,” Ulven said. “Being able to make a video with Hunter for the album’s anniversary was so cool. We had so many ideas after the first time we hung out and it was cool to be with another creative in that way. It was also fun to be on set with her and get her vibe as a director.”

The visual captures the mental toll of being away from a loved one as Ulven tours the world and attends to her artistic responsibilities. First she’s riding on top of a giant vehicle, the wind whipping around her face. Then, in a flash, she’s riding in a bunkbed on a tour bus. Next, she’s in the back of a black SUV and seeing visions of her lover. Ulven panics and jumps out of the van into the dark city streets. She’s then wafted off the ground by sewer steam as she punishes herself for not making her relationship a priority. It’s a surreal, gripping visual that serves as a reminder to revisit her honest debut.

The debut album “if i could make it go quiet” is out now:

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