The LASSIE FOUNDATION – ” Cave Sessions ” EP

Posted: May 21, 2022 in MUSIC

The Lassie Foundation were birthed in Orange County in the mid-1990s, California dudes through and through, but forging an aesthetic as beholden to the ’80s and ’90s underground as anything regarded as the West Coast sound.

Some called their sound popgazing “pink noise” — equal parts My Bloody Valentine/Medicine and the Beach Boys. It earned the Lassie Foundation a small but devout following, but after three full-lengths (their last in 2004), a split album and a couple of EPs, the members moved on to day jobs/careers, families and, in general, life outside of grinding it out as an indie act. The 2006 “Through and Through” compilation hit the high points of the band’s catalogue, and a trio of now-hard-to-find singles were released in 2008).

Recently, the Lassie Foundation has been taking care of old business — they released remastered versions of their “California” EP and “Pacifico” album last year, and finally they are on streaming services. There is more to do.

How they ended up in Josiah Mazzaschi’s studio, The Cave, to make the “Cave Sessions” EP (released today) is an interesting sidebar. The four-song release re-imagines four early Lassie Foundation songs, as played by the “Pacifico”-era lineup of the band: Eric Campuzano, Wayne Everett, Jeff Schroeder (who has been a member of Smashing Pumpkins since 2007), Jason71 and Frank Lenz. They turned out bigger and bolder than even the remastered tracks.

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