Posted: May 21, 2022 in MUSIC

“The Less I Knew” is the long awaited 6th studio album from James Vincent McMorrow. Produced by James the album was recorded in London, Los Angeles and Dublin largely before the pandemic struck. It embraces the fact that life is chaos, and the idea of growing up but feeling none the wiser.

Hurricane” is now properly out in the world. It’s not exaggerating to say that this song and album have given me my life back, reminded me what a precious thing it is to be alive and surrounded by love and meaning. I didn’t realise how lost I’d gotten. I cannot wait to share the rest of these songs with you, I’m in LA right now finishing album no.2. Stay tuned for some show news in the next couple days too

The Irish singer-songwriter-producer James Vincent McMorrow has released the life-affirming single “Hurricane.” Filled with choral backing vocals, horns and sweeping refrains, “Hurricane ” bottles the emotional directness McMorrow was after when approaching this record. Last month, he announced two new albums due this year, with “The Less I Knew” coming June 24th. The companion album “Heavyweight Champion of Dublin8” will be released this fall. “The Less I Knew” was written and produced by McMorrow, mixed and engineered by Alex Borwick and recorded at Black Mountain Studios in Ireland.

There are certain songs you can just build your world around. For me it’s this song. I’ve stood on stage in the last 2 weeks and performed it and I can exist within every single line. I can’t say that about every song I’ve ever written. I listen to it, I get to certain moments, and it makes me smile every time. I believe it will always make me smile. And you’d think “fuck, shouldn’t everything you make be something you exist within totally, something that makes you smile?”. You’d be surprised. I spent a lot of time trying to convince myself the road I was on was the one I was meant to be on. because i could still see the reason I was doing it, but it was shrouded in trees. I thought catching glimpses of it was enough.  Now I know that wasn’t the case, because when I made this album, I did it all differently, never forced, never bullshit, I got to a place that i never honestly thought I’d get to, and not to sound like a corny idiot but I can see it all now and I fucking love it.

James Vincent McMorrow is a platinum-selling artist who has independently clocked over 1 billion streams and seen his music travel everywhere.  An always-unpredictable, multifaceted talent, over the last decade, James Vincent McMorrow has established himself as an artist of signature style. On his own intuitive terms, James’ bigger-picture approach to each project may vary, but the idea of doing exactly what you need to do, and at exactly the right time, remains a constant. He has emerged as that rare modern act as integral to the worlds of hip-hop and textured R&B as he is the singer-songwriter roots of his early days. Behind McMorrow’s instantly-identifiable voice was a heartfelt, sometimes-cryptic storyteller – who, on his new music, also appears to have come to understand himself on a deeper level.

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