CLAIRE HAMILL – ” The Man Who Cannot See Tomorrows Sunshine “

Posted: May 15, 2022 in MUSIC

A beautiful track from the album “One House Left Standing”, released in 1972 on Island Records.

Claire Hamill was only 17 when she recorded her debut album, “One House Left Standing”. Island Records was looking for an English version of Joni Mitchell, who was a huge influence on Hamill. Label owner and producer Chris Blackwell realized the potential but was worried about her young age. She remembers: “He tried to convince me to wait and pointed out all the bad things about the music business.

He saw how naïve and ingenious I was and was scared about the responsibility of introducing someone so young to a business steeped in sex and drugs! I turned all my girlish charm and even made him laugh when I asked if I could have shares in Island as part of my contract.” Shares where not forthcoming, but Blackwell got her a number of top notch musicians to play on that album. Paul Buckmaster was hired to arrange a few songs, including “The Man Who Cannot See Tomorrows Sunshine”, where he also plays the cello and John Martyn plays guitar.

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