TRAAMS – ” Breathe “

Posted: May 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Post rock band TRAAMS are releasing a new album, “Personal Best”, on July 22nd via FatCat Records. They have just released its third single, the nine-minute-long track “Breathe,” which features guest vocals from Softlizard (aka Liza Violet of Menace Beach).

In a press release, Hopkins had this to say about the new single: “During one of 2020’s seemingly endless lockdowns once it was legal to do so, we began meeting up in Stu’s basement (due to our regular rehearsal space being shut). It was a strange time and we all felt palpably odd. “We already had a couple of tracks from a previous session, but ‘Breathe’ felt new. It took us down a very different path, one that ultimately shaped the tone of the whole record—right down to the artwork.

“A soft, meandering lullaby, born out of a trip to the GP—waiting room imagery, mismatched furnishings, gaudy posters, and jarring slogans all coming together in a fleeting moment of calm, before expanding out into a celebration of life’s repetition.”

“Personal best” also includes “Sleeper,” a new song TRAAMS shared in February, When the album was announced the band shared its second single, “The Light at Night,” which features Joe Casey of Protomartyr and was shared via a video directed by Lee Kiernan of IDLES and Charlotte Gosch.

“I couldn’t really write, and I didn’t have the motivation to do anything musical. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick up a guitar for two years,” Hopkins said in a previous press release of the long gap between albums. “I was waiting for that feeling to come back.”

In 2020, TRAAMS shared the songs “The Greyhound” and “Intercontinental Radio Waves”. Neither track is featured on the new album and both were leftover TRAAMS songs Hopkins finished.

“They had been left as instrumental demos with no vocal takes, and to be honest they were beginning to drive me a little mad,” Hopkins explained. “I needed them finished and out of my head.”

At the end of 2019 the trio reconvened to begin work on new music and they began recording in 2020 when pandemic lockdown restrictions in the UK began to ease. “I like the fact that it touches on old ideas and new ideas, created in this weird middle period of our lives when we were locked down and didn’t know when we’d get on stage again,” bassist Leigh Padley said. “We focused more on the writing than we had done before.”

Hopkins added: “Lockdown heightened how much we realized we needed to do this, after so many years inactive. We realized that TRAAMS was something we all really needed.” 

Personal best” is the band’s first full-length in seven years, since 2015’s “Modern Dancing“.

TRAAMS are Stu Hopkins (vocals, guitar), Leigh Padley (bass, vocals), and Adam Stock (drums, synths).

‘Breathe featuring Softlizard’, from TRAAMS new album ‘Personal Best’ available July 22nd 2022.

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