CRACK CLOUD – ” Tough Baby “

Posted: May 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Vancouver collective Crack Cloud have announced the release of a new album, “Tough Baby”, which will be out on September 16th via Meat Machine and Crack Cloud Media Studio. They also shared a strange video for a new single from the album, “Please Yourself.” as in the video the song’s solo piano outro is partially obscured by dialogue from a fake sitcom.

In a press release, frontman Zach Choy states: “As a kid, my bedroom was an altar. The images on the wall represented much of what I idolized and aspired to be. This sort of deification of pop culture helped to reinforce my sense of self narrative, however fabricated. But it also provided a sense of solidarity…with a subculture that validated insecurities in a personable way. This is what makes the media industry such a profound paradox. It is as much a source of inspiration for people, as it is an engineered illusion.

“The subtext of the video is really as follows: art is a mechanism for healing and discovery. You learn through it, and you grow with it. In our culture we’re predisposed to quantifying art, to sanctioning it, and to manufacturing it. But underneath all of that, it is a form of living inquiry; it’s how we learn to unravel the extremities in life so that we may better understand ourselves, and each other.”

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