REAL ESTATE – ” Half A Human ” EP

Posted: May 10, 2022 in MUSIC

“Half a Human” is a collection of six songs created between two different worlds. While the architecture of each was constructed during sessions for 2020’s “The Main Thing“, the tracks came to life when the band began trading the material back and forth remotely throughout the pandemic. They found new ways of working together as they further explored the emotional landscapes they’ve been perfecting for more than a decade, and in taking stock of themselves and the uncertainty of their future, “Half a Human” helped them arrive at a new thesis statement for the band.

New Jersey’s Real Estate have seen it all, The band are the closest thing to the power pop and jangle current renaissance. Since their first album in 2009, The suburban sky-gazers have survived the acrimonious departure of a disgraced founding member, been welcomed onstage by Special Agent Dale Cooper, The band have five flawless albums under their red blazers. With a timbre that can most aptly be described as—and I’m reluctant to use the word as such breezy, their feathery pop textures are accessible enough for your parents, while their Tom Verlaine–indebted guitar lattices endear and intimidate peers.

Real Estate have their formula locked and loaded, avowed abiders of the “if it ain’t broke” platitude—and isn’t that what jangle pop is all about? Finding a new way to tell an old story. 

Real Estate “Half a Human” EP,’ out now on Domino Record Co.

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