BLACK MIDI – ” Hellfire “

Posted: May 10, 2022 in MUSIC

Black Midi have announced a new album, “Hellfire”, and a North American tour. Check out Gustaf Holtenäs’ video for new song “Welcome to Hell” below, along with the dates and the album art, which was, once again, designed by David Rudnick. If “Cavalcade” was a drama, “Hellfire” is like an epic action film,” the band’s Geordie Greep said in a press release.

The band released that second album, “Cavalcade“, last year, followed by “Cavalcovers”, an EP featuring covers of Taylor Swift, King Crimson, and Captain Beefheart.

In a press release,

said: Almost everyone depicted is a kind of scumbag. Almost everything I write is from a true thing, something I experienced and exaggerated and wrote down. I don’t believe in Hell, but all that old world folly is great for songs, I’ve always loved movies and anything else with a depiction of Hell. Dante’s Inferno. When Homer goes to Hell in The Simpsons. There’s a robot Hell in Futurama. Isaac Bashevis Singer, a Jewish writer who portrays a Satan interfering in people’s lives. There’s loads!.

If you preorder from select retailers you’ll receive one bonus 7” Flexi out of 6 possible songs, past and present, that we performed live at Electrical Audio – recorded by Steve Albini. 5 of them have been chosen already but the 6th, which is available from the BM and Rough Trade Webstores,

‘Hellfire’ is our Third Album for @roughtraderecords is out July 15th – Produced by Marta Salogni, Co-Produced by Max ‘Sizzle’ Goulding

New Album ‘Hellfire’ is out 15th July.

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