WOLF ALICE – ” Blue Lullaby ” EP Versions Of Songs From Blue Weekend

Posted: May 9, 2022 in MUSIC

Last year, Wolf Alice returned with their third album “Blue Weekend”. The collection eventually earned them a Mercury Prize nomination. Today, they’re back with the news of a companion EP called “Blue Lullaby“, featuring stripped-down, reimagined versions of four “Blue Weekend” tracks.

“Blue Lullaby” came about because we wanted to strip down some of our more emotional songs from “Blue Weekend” and see if they hit any different,” Ellie Roswell said in a statement. “We also had a really nice moment during the “Blue Weekend” campaign singing one of our songs with a choir and we wanted to experience that again with a few other songs, especially as there are a lot of harmonies and a lot of vocal layering on “Blue Weekend”. Hearing multiple voices singing together is an unparalleled feeling to me so I’m happy we got to record this experience and I hope people enjoy it.”

The songs Wolf Alice chose to rework include “No Hard Feelings,” “Lipstick On The Glass,” “The Last Man On Earth,” and “How Can I Make It OK?”

The Blue Lullaby” EP is out 24th June via RCA Records.

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