The LAZY EYES – ” Songbook “

Posted: May 9, 2022 in MUSIC

“Songbook” by the Australian band The Lazy Eyes come through the speakers and you are thrown back in time to the 60’s/70’s . The band from Sydney is strongly influenced by a wide range of psychedelics also incorporates influences from surrounding genres and especially from prog rock. The music of The Lazy Eyes often sounds wonderfully trippy, but the band can also work with songs with a head and a tail. There is currently a lot of appearances in this genre, but The Lazy Eyes sounds a lot more languid and dreamy than most of its peers, which in any case benefits my listening pleasure considerably.

After two fine EPs, the Australian band The Lazy Eyes debuts this week with their full-fledged debut album, “Songbook“. It is a debut album that does not take much time to show in which genre the band from Sydney prefers to move. it soon becomes clear that The Lazy Eyes is going full for breathing new life into psychedelics from the 60s and 70s.

The band is also not averse to mesmerizing guitar solos, as far as I am concerned is always an enrichment of the genre. The excellent guitar work on “Songbook” is combined with spacy keyboards and occasionally with wonderfully dreamy vocals. Occasionally the band adds some influences from folk rock, hard rock and prog rock, but also trips to the more modern sounding neo-psychedelics are not shunned.

Overall, however, “Songbook” is an album that immediately takes you back to the late 60s and early 70s, where the band is not limited to the psychedelic rock that was made in and around San Francisco during this period, but also some influences from The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys pass by.

Especially in the longer tracks, the Australian band takes the time for psychedelic jams, but “Songbook” by The Lazy Eyes is fortunately also an album with songs with a head and a tail. Because of the fairly compact songs, the broad inspiration from the psychedelics of the 60s and 70s and the openness to influences from surrounding genres, The Lazy Eyes is ultimately a somewhat different band than all those other psychedelic bands of the moment.

Songbook” remains far removed from the flirtations with pop of a band like Tame Impala, which once started just like The Lazy Eyes, and also manages to combine catchy songs with a lot of musical fireworks, It’s an almost contradictory combination, but on “Songbook” it somehow works perfectly.

I don’t dare to predict yet whether the debut album of The Lazy Eyes will still be as irresistible in a few months as the album currently sounds, but after hearing it quite a few times, there is certainly no question of boredom, if only because the band from Sydney has added a lot of variation to its sound due to the influences from surrounding genres and by alternating catchy and more complex passages.

Based on the two previously released EPs, the debut album from The Lazy Eyes was looked forward to with high expectations and after the first listens I can only conclude that the band from Sydney meets or even exceeds our expectations.

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