BEACH BUNNY – ” Karaoke “

Posted: May 8, 2022 in MUSIC

Our new single “Karaoke” from our upcoming album “Emotional Creature” is out now! “Karaoke” is part one of the upcoming triology of videos we having come your way. Chicago’s Beach Bunny are releasing their new album “Emotional Creature” on July 22nd via Mom+Pop Music. They’ve already shared a couple singles, “Fire Escape” and “Oxygen,” and now they’ve shared a third titled “Karaoke” along with a video written by bandleader Lili Trifilio and directed by Eliza Chance. The visual also has a guest appearance from actor and comedian Bob Odenkirk.

“Karaoke” details the small moments that take up one’s entire headspace when falling for someone else—a turn in conversation that results in an eruption of laughter, eye contact that makes one’s heart burst. Trifilio sings as if capturing these moments in real time, turning these romantic details into monuments for her memory. “‘Karaoke’ is a song about having a crush,” Trifilio shared. “It’s about infatuation, fleeting feelings, and the bittersweet nature of uncertainty. It’s about learning pieces of who someone is and liking them before even knowing the whole story.”

The visual finds the group in their groovy spaceship where they watch a TV showing scenes involving Trifilio and a purple creature (whose hands appear on the album’s cover). At the video’s end, Odenkirk beams in with an important message—Star Agent 0 (presumably the purple dude) has been captured. “Time is of the essence. The entire universe is counting on you,” he warns. It seems it’s not only matters of the heart at stake.

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