S.G GOODMAN – ” Heart Swell “

Posted: May 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Some artists embrace folk aesthetics when it suits them; S.G. Goodman, meanwhile, is a modern troubadour through and through.

The Kentucky-born singer songwriter is a bold voice from out of the South, representing a niche of Americans who were raised in a place that didn’t align with their values, but who remain closely tied to that place nonetheless. Goodman infuses alt-country sounds with her gay identity an essential perspective that hasn’t been amplified in that space .

“Heart Swell” arrives ahead of her new album, “Teeth Marks”, arriving June 3rd via Verve Forecast. Like the previously released title track, it showcases her distinct, conversational vocal style and intimate lyrics, one piece of what promises to be another rich tableau from the artist.

When I wrote this song on my back porch in Kentucky, the cicada calls were not as loud as they had been in the summer of 2015. They were so thick around my house that year that you could hear them with the door closed. I just so happened to be going through a breakup and found it appropriate to describe to friends inquiring about my state that the intensity of the cicada calls was what I felt like on the inside. Heartache was buzzing, it was constant, and there was no escaping it. The cicada’s eventually left their little skeletons, and I guess I managed to walk out of the shape I was in, too.

Goodman is set to tour supporting “Teeth Marks

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