The DISTRICTS – ” You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere “

Posted: May 6, 2022 in MUSIC

The Districts are breaking their 18-month hibernation this fall to hit the road for a string of U.S. dates that will bring them through the midwest and south. They are bringing Girlpuppy (the stage name of Atlanta singer-songwriter Becca Harvey) along for the ride. 

Hailing from Pennsylvania, The Districts have perfected their own brand of authentic, soulful rock music and have been packing out venues across the US. “Soulful rock’n’roll at its finest” – “Their indie-rock dips its toes in Americana influences to convey something that resembles a waltz through the Wild West”

The tour is in support of their latest record, “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere“, which was released right before the pandemic. An album full of anthemic choruses, dramatic guitar flourishes, and glittering synths, it was made to be played live. Between the explosive vocals of “Velour and Velcro,” and the 80s dance-pop influence on “Cheap Regrets,” it feels like a modern-day meeting ground between disco and punk. The band’s fourth full-length release pushes them out of their scrappy indie comfort zone and sees them experiment, effortlessly crossing genres while still create something cohesive. 

Girlpuppy plays the bright indie-pop that you catch yourself singing in the car. With sweet songs about crushing, you can’t help but smile as she recalls first dates and shyly admitting, “I only love you when you’re breathing/or moving/or waking up in the morning.” Growing up wanting to be Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift, her catchy hooks have the same infectious nature as her idols. For her second single, “Cheerleader,” Harvey enlisted the help of Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers, Better Oblivion Committee Center, Christian Lee Hutson,) who will also produce her upcoming EP.

“Cheap Regrets” from The Districts 4th album ‘You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere’ on Fat Possum Records

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